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Kaweco Classic Sport "Chess" Clutch pencil 3.2 mm - Black

Kaweco Classic Sport "Chess" Clutch pencil 3.2 mm - Black

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The Kaweco Classic Sport "Chess" clutch pencil has a chequered pattern on the barrel and gold accents. It uses 3.2mm 5B graphite leads, which are front loaded and advanced by a clutch button action. It has a tactile and compact design, originating in the 1930s.

Packaged in a cardboard gift carton. A 5B graphite refill is included. 

Lead refills are available in packs of 6 5B graphite all-purpose leads.  


Type: Clutch Pencil
Colour: Black / Gold
Material: High quality plastic
Design: Chess
Length: 10.5cm
Weight: 13g


» Please note that due to different monitor settings, there may be slight color changes.

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